10 Reasons Why Leggings are the Best

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Leggings! Yes, leggings. Every woman’s go-to piece of clothing. It can be paired with anything, a loose shirt, a jacket, or your sports bra perfect for a day at the gym. Also, it can be best in the winter months to battle the cold. I know some women agree that the comfort that leggings give cannot be replaced with anything, especially for some who are not a fan of wearing pants. But why is it that leggings have become every woman’s favourite? Let us give you some reasons why it is so reliable.


Well, fun fact. It is undeniably comfortable, it’s like you are not wearing any pants at all. You can move freely with it especially if you are working out and doing yoga, it is very lightweight. Workout tights are made with a stretchy and soft material that cloaks around the legs tightly making them most woman’s preferred piece rather than pants.

It’s so Stylish

There are a lot of colors to choose from and also can be worn with anything. If you wish to be classy and pair it with a stylish top and heels, or maybe you opt for a street-type style and match it with a hoodie and sneakers for the perfect streetwear look.

They stretch!

Tights are also so stretchy; it is perfect for every woman of every size.



For those who are on a tight budget and need a new pair of pants, leggings save the day! Let’s admit that pants are more on the pricier side than leggings. They are affordable and leggings go with everything, it’s like a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to fashion.

Perfect for any weather

These can be worn with any season because of so many lengths to choose from and the various fabrics leggings are made from make them perfect for any weather. May it be winter, autumn, summer, or spring, you name it! Design features like mesh inserts can also help to keep you cool in warmer weather.

For Working Out

If you are one of the gym buffs, investing in a good pair of leggings makes it perfect gym pants –  match them with your workout top, and a pair of gym shoes, you are good to go! Surely it looks nice, but they actually stay on and don’t slip. Working out is much easier wearing leggings. Leggings fabric is also very breathable and absorbs sweat making you more comfortable while doing your squats.

ribbed seamless leggings

Jeans + Workout Tights!

One of the most amazing inventions ever is the jeggings. Activewears that disguise as jeans. So, for those women who are too lazy to wear leggings, or just not comfortable with pants, this one’s for you. It can be worn and styled with anything, just don’t forget your colors of course!

Fit for Any Occasion

Leggings can be worn in different styles on any occasion whether it’s for a party or going out with friends, or just a day for groceries – especially for mums who want their outfit  to be as convenient as possible, activewear tights are the perfect option. They are extremely handy and fashionable, making them a perfect option of clothing every day.

Matching Shoes

Leggings go with sneakers for perfect streetwear, or maybe with your high heels for a more elegant look or your favourite boots for that chilly weather.

Easy to find

You can basically find leggings at almost every retail store, but of course, Kate Galliano has a wide range of luxe leggings! Our Ribbed Seamless Leggings,  is guaranteed a go-to garment in your wardrobe.


Leggings can be worn for any style, mood, weather, you name it! Undeniably, the comfort that these workout tight pants provide for many women is something that cannot be traded for. Check out Kate Galliano’s website where you can only find high-quality and reliable workout tights perfect for your activewear or for athleisure. Overall, leggings are the perfect garment every woman should have.


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