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The Evolution of Athleisure: From the Gym to the Streets

While we typically associate athleisure with yoga pants, the term has begun taking on a new meaning. It was originally used to refer to clothing for working out; the most prominent athleisure brands have transformed into lifestyle engineers. They have succeeded in dictating the trends in recent years. Today, athleisure reflects how you lead your […]

Active Wardrobe Essentials for Every Woman

ribbed seamless set nude leggings and sports bra - Activewear Pieces - kate galliano activewear

Every woman has staple activewear pieces that reflect their respective personal stay and overall fashion style. For fashionably feminine women, workout clothes featuring simple yet sophisticated lines, and pastel colours are always a hit. On the other hand, women with outgoing personalities typically prefer activewear featuring items in bright colours and bold designs. When you […]

The Rise of Athleisure: When Sport Meets Fashion

Athleisure - kate galliano activewear

Fashion is continuously shifting. Trends from decades before are slowly coming back in an even more stylish way. This 2022, Athleisure is making its way as the top fashion trend for this year. Athleisure comes from the words “athletic” and “leisure,” which refers to athletic clothing which people wear in non-athletic situations. Wearing casual but […]

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