7 Gym Pieces That Will Make You Want to Work Out

7 Gym Pieces That Will Make You Want to Work Out - kate galliano activewear

It’s totally normal to feel the occasional lack of motivation when you’re about to work out, but we know of a simple yet effective way to get yourself moving: Invest in cute and functional activewear! When you have workout clothes that get you all excited about your outfit, you’ll likely be excited to work out too. After all, working out is a great reason to wear your favourite gym pieces!

7 Gym Pieces That Will Make You Want to Work Out - kate galliano activewear - leggings and sports bra

We’ve compiled 7 of our favourite gym pieces that will make you want to get up and work out!


Let’s start with one of the comfiest pieces you’ll ever find — tracksuits! They don’t just improve mobility; they make burning calories easier too!

  • LUXE Hoodie – Coffee

If you’re the type who loves neutral colours, the LUXE Hoodie – Coffee is for you. It has a drawstring hood that will make it easier for you to adjust it just the way you like it. Plus, it has a soft lining and a relaxed fit for maximum comfort. Pair it with matching tracksuit pants for the ultimate gym outfit! Morning jog, anyone?

7 Gym Pieces That Will Make You Want to Work Out - kate galliano activewear - tracksuits and hoodies
  • KG LOUNGE Joggers – Black

Black joggers will never go out of style! The KG LOUNGE Joggers – Black combines fashion and comfort with a premium cotton blend, an elasticated waistband, and an extremely comfortable feel.

Tops and Bras

Your upper body is one of the first things you look at when you look in the mirror, and it’s partially seen when you take your gym selfies too! You know what that means — the activewear top you wear plays a huge role in motivating you to work out.

  • KG LOUNGE Crop Top – Sage

The KG LOUNGE Crop Top is made with the softest fabric. It has a soft breathable feel and maximum support, making planking easier this time around! Pair it with the KG LOUNGE Joggers of the same colour for extra cuteness!

  • Ribbed Seamless Sports Bra – Pink

Gone are the days when bras are only worn as inner activewear at the gym. It’s now more common to wear them as actual tops too! The Ribbed Seamless Sports Bra – Pink makes it to the list of our favourite clothes for the gym. It’s made from flexible, super stretchy four-way knitted ribbed material that hugs your body and gives you the support you need. Don’t forget that it has matching leggings too!

7 Gym Pieces That Will Make You Want to Work Out - kate galliano activewear - ribbed seamless sport bra and leggings
  • SEAMLESS Sports Bra – Wine

Not a fan of the ribbed type? We also got the SEAMLESS Sports Bra for you! Thanks to its seamless nature, you’ll never have to worry about unwanted exposure again! Pair it with SEAMLESS Leggings of the same colour. They’re just as comfortable too!


Rompers as workout clothes? You read that right! Since you’re only wearing one piece of clothing, you won’t have to worry about any clothing you’ll need to pull down or pull up!

  • KG Romper

We absolutely love how the KG Romper sculpts your body and accentuates your curves! It’s made with buttery soft fabric, and it has a durable zipper for maximum support. It’s available in black, cream, and grey. Take your pick!



During hot summer days, it may be smart to go for shorts instead of long bottoms. Plus, they’re really comfy during workouts!

  • KG LOUNGE Shorts 

You can never go wrong with cotton! The KG LOUNGE Shorts are made with a premium cotton blend with a soft, breathable feel. The elasticated waistband and open side pockets make them convenient too. Don’t forget to pair them with the KG Lounge Crop Top of the same colour!

These shorts are available in black, white, cream, tan, lilac, and sage.

With the right selection of gym wear, you’ll never be unmotivated to work out again!

Add more motivation to your workout with the most fun and functional outfits. Check out endless choices as Kate Galliano online!

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