9 Facts You Never Knew About Our Best Supportive Sports Bras

best supportive sports bras - kate galliano activewear

Suffering through a workout wearing the wrong sports bra can be annoying. And don’t forget about how you were unable to optimize your workout because you were uneasy throughout your workout session. The good news is that you don’t have to wear ill-fitting sports bras ever again. 

The Kate Galliano sports bra is an emerging athleisure brand that has succeeded in combining luxurious style and functionality. Apart from leggings, jackets, and bike shorts, the brand is most famous for its impressive collection of the best supportive sports bras. Let’s take a closer look at them and see why it deserves a place in your closet. 

Win Against Gravity

When exercising, wearing an ill-fitting bra, whether too tight or too loose it can result in sagging. With each movement, your breasts move in all directions – down, up, left, right, even in and out. With this butterfly-like movement your snug A-cup can travel up to an inch and a half in each direction. Women with a D-cup on the other hand can bounce up to three inches in all directions. 

Prevent Unwanted Sagging

A good sports bra like the Sculpt Sports Bra will help encapsulate your breasts, so they do not sag over time. This lovely bra is made from top-grade nylon fabric and spandex that can feel like second skin. It is extremely flexible and stretchable, so you can rest assured feeling extremely comfortable, no matter the workout intensity. 

Superior Support Combined with Comfort

Another selling point of our Kate Galliano Sports Bra is that it has removable pads so you can enjoy greater support when you need it the most. 

Advanced Fabric Construction

For added protection, our Kate Galliano Sculpt Sports Bra is made from breathable fabrics to ensure you stay comfortable performing even the most intense exercises at the gym outdoors. We understand how uncomfortable it can get when you are soaking in your own perspiration. The soft and silky fabrics featured in your Kate Galliano sports bras are made from a combination of nylon and spandex, ensuring your skin can breathe and won’t suffer from irritation because of sweat accumulation on the skin. 

Racer Back Design 

The racer back design of the Sculpt Sports Bra ensures that your breast receives optimal support, no matter the workout. According to studies, a good sports bra must be able to reduce the movement of the breasts by at least 53 percent among women with cup A or cup D breasts. The skin surrounding the breasts are its primary support; hence the support from these surrounding tissues are imperative to ensure your breasts do not sag due to regular workouts. Luckily, the racer back design of our Sculpt Sports Bra not only offers support for the breasts but for surrounding tissues as wellm no matter the workout. You can pair this sports bra with our Sculpt  Bike Shorts, and you’re all set to get fit and healthy in style. 

Maximum Compression for Optimised Workouts 

Maximise your lifts and burns with the best supportive sports bras from Kate Galliano. Our Ribbed Seamless Sports Bra has a stylish design to boot, too. It’s a versatile sports bra for any shape, so you can’t go wrong including this in your staple workout pieces. It provides moderate compression, perfect for low- to medium-impact workouts including running, Yoga, Pilates, and simple mat exercises at home. 

Wide Straps for Pain-Free Workouts

We understand how difficult beginner workouts can be. For women who are just starting their wellness journey and looking for a bra that can provide them with comfort and support during workouts, our Seamless Sports Bra is the best choice. It features wide shoulder straps that are ideal for women with big breast sizes. The pads are removable, so you can easily install or remove them based on the intensity of workouts. 

Tips When Choosing the Best Supportive Sports Bras for Beginners

When choosing sports bras, here are two things to consider. Shopping sports bras online can seem like an impossible feat. However, following these tips will ensure you get the perfect sports bra that fits your needs while ensuring maximum support, comfort, and coverage. 

  • Check the Material

You want a sports bra that has moisture wicking properties. No matter the season, you must wear a bra that allows your skin to breathe. Thicker fabrics may contribute to your body temperature rising, causing discomfort and breathing difficulties, too. Our Genesis Sports Bra is made from ultra-breathable and stretchy fabric to ensure a comfortable sweat session from season to season. 

best supportive sports bras - kate galliano activewear
best supportive sports bras - kate galliano activewear
  • Check Bands and Side Panels

The bands should be thick enough to support the breast tissues from underneath. Our Genesis Sports Bra has wide bands and side panels, ensuring a snug fit. It’s a good starter sports bra for teens. It also features a luxe design, so you can wear it even for casual outings or lounging at home. 

If you want to check out our full selection of sports bras, click here. As a premium athleisure brand, Kate Galliano is committed to bringing you nothing but exceptionally stylish and functional sports bras that you can wear not only for workouts, but for any type of activity. For enquiries, you may e-mail us at contact@kategalliano.com

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