Active Wardrobe Essentials for Every Woman

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Every woman has staple activewear pieces that reflect their respective personal stay and overall fashion style. For fashionably feminine women, workout clothes featuring simple yet sophisticated lines, and pastel colours are always a hit. On the other hand, women with outgoing personalities typically prefer activewear featuring items in bright colours and bold designs.

When you are engaged in sports as a pastime or a career, or if you lead an active lifestyle, it is crucial to create a well-curated wardrobe that perfectly reflects your personality, activities, and personal style. And more often than not,  activewear are reliable pieces that can help you stay stylish and comfortable throughout the day. 

If you wish to create a comfortable, stylish, and versatile wardrobe, here are important pieces that you must invest in. 

Five Essential Activewear Pieces to Include your Wardrobe

While these wardrobe essentials are considered basics, it is impossible to pull off a head turning workout outfit without having them. You build your signature style based on colour, patterns, and fabric choices. When you have basic activewear pieces, it becomes easier to mix and match clothing items based on your activity and mood. Here are some basic pieces that will help you create an active wardrobe that matches your aesthetic and functional needs. 

  • Leggings 

Yes, we get it! You can go to the gym wearing your regular workout shorts. But wouldn’t it be more appropriate and confidence-boosting if you’re wearing a good pair of leggings with a matching top to look good while you’re sweating it out? A good pair of bottoms will also accentuate your body shape. 

A fresh and comfortable pair of leggings will allow you to perform your workouts  with  maxiumum movement. You can even wear them in performing your errands and work-related routine. These KG Luxe Bottoms in Black are a versatile pair that will look good when paired with any type of top. It’s an on trend and comfortable style that will feel like a second skin. You can even pair it with heels if you wish to go from your yoga session to an important meeting with clients or lunch with  the girls. 

ribbed seamless nude

  • Shorts

Shorts are comfortable and luxurious workout garments that are meant to be worn for intensive routines. Shorts are designed to be extra comfy while providing optimum support and coverage. The form-fitting design also accommodates quick movements. Our KG Luxe Bottoms in Cream allow you to pair it with any top and still look glamorous in and out of the gym. It features a thong front seam detail, so your silhouette looks smooth. Composed of lightweight and antibacterial fabric, these workout shorts are a favourite of ours.

  • Tank Tops and Tees

Nothing is better than sporting a gorgeous top for your sweat-filled workouts. Wearing the right top motivates you to do a good job at the gym and still look cute even after the back-breaking routine. This Luxe Cropped Top in Ice Blue looks cool and is extremely functional too. It has an underbst contour seam detail that conceals or diminishes the appearance of your bra underneath. Offering medium support, this top is great for yoga and spinning sessions. 

  • Sports Bras

Sports bras are a staple! You will need a sports bra all by itself or under your favourite workout tank top. Wearing a sports bra is ideal if you’re going for a short run or more strenuous workout sessions. It allows you maximum movement as well. This KG Lounge Bra is made from a premium cotton blend that lets you stay cool even during hot summer days. It offers optimal support, allowing you to be more efficient during workouts. 

Activewear Pieces - kate galliano activewear

  • Capris 

Capris are stylish workout pieces that you can wear all year long. It is a must to include a few pieces of capris in your wardrobe. It’s a convenient choice if you don’t want to wear full length leggings and shorts. 

  • Hair and Makeup

Ideally, you should work out with a bare face. However, if you choose to wear makeup, make it look as natural as it can be. Choosing the right products will help you look good and comfortable despite long hours at a gym. Avoid matte foundations as they can form clumps around your face when you start sweating. Instead, use foundations and tinted moisturisers as they are lightweight and only require a quick application. It is also imperative to choose waterproof makeup to avoid smudging or running on your clothes. 

If you’re looking for classic and elegant activewear, check out the wide selection of staples, including tops, leggings, bras, and shorts. With the active, modern women in mind, the sophisticated design and elegant colours you will want you to fill your closet with Kate Galliano activewear. For additional enquiries, do not hesitate to send us a message.

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