Athleisure Wear: A Trend Movement in the Fashion and Sportswear Industries

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The increased awareness for wellness to strengthen immunity inspired people from all social classes to begin exercising at home. As a result, the sportswear industry experienced an uptick amid the pandemic. And with great demand came innovation. The athleisure wear market is one of the fast-rising segments in the realm of wellness. 

Athleisure brands are flourishing now more than ever. As work-related meetings have been replaced by online web conferences from the comfort of home, comfy sweatpants and leggings are now the favourite clothing items included in the professional wardrobes of many people. In Australia alone, the sports apparel market was valued at $27.2 billion in 2021 alone. 

Athleisure Wear: A Trend Movement in the Fashion and Sportswear Industries - kate galliano activewear

The athleisure market shows no signs of slowing down, as it targets two major target audiences: people who want to stay fit and comfortable and those that want to look fashionable while working out and performing all of their other activities. Other trends from the  past few years provide us with a clear picture of why athleisure is fast becoming a major market in the fashion industry:


As millennials make up the lion’s share of the consumer market, we see their eco-conscious requirements are being efficiently addressed by athleisure brands. Consumers are willing to invest hard-earned money for versatile clothing items that are made from superior-quality materials, durable, and sustainable. 

In a country like Australia where fast fashion is suffering a slow and painful death, consumers are constantly on the lookout for athleisure brands that meet their high excellence standards. 

Diversity and Inclusivity 

The sports apparel market is now aware that its audience is not only limited to consumers wearing size zeros. Workout clothing designs are now more inclusive to meet the demands of a market that comes in many shapes and sizes the crypto tumbler. Athleisure companies have succeeded in bridging the gap between fashion and innovative, functional design. This customer-centric approach goes beyond inclusivity, making it less surprising that athleisure has outperformed major sporting clothing brands. 

Athleisure Wear: A Trend Movement in the Fashion and Sportswear Industries - kate galliano activewear

Athleisure is wellness luxury 

The pandemic truly shifted the priorities of the fashionable and wellness conscious market. Since we were all stranded at home, with nowhere else to go, the definition of luxury has drastically changed in the past few years. Comfort became a luxury for most people, something that men and women valued the most. 

Before the pandemic, the only fashion brand that dabbled in sportswear was Stella McCartney in partnership with Adidas. As a pioneer in the athleisure market, Stella McCartney inspired other fashion brands to follow suit. Today, the biggest fashion houses, from Gucci to Chanel to Louis Vuitton even joined the athleisure bandwagon, coming up with their collection of leggings, sports bras, and more. 

On-Demand Classes are Thriving Communities in the New Normal

Athleisure wear brands are major contributors to the growing on-demand class community spaces online. Brands like Lululemon know and understand the needs of consumers. Athleisure brands have certainly made fitness a fashionable trend. Branding has been integral in the success of many athleisure brands. By reflecting the core values and aspirations of consumers, athletes are attracting more consumers over time. 

Australian athleisure wear brands like Kate Galliano understand the need for brands to create and innovate to meet the discerning needs of its consumers. They have been proactive in representing the needs and values of modern women. By constantly engaging with consumers, Kate Galliano succeeded in designing aesthetic and functional leisurewear that women want. Utilising various online channels and advocating for the rights and position of women in society, Kate Galliano and other athleisure brands are bringing impactful change in the fitness industry.

Athleisure Wear: A Trend Movement in the Fashion and Sportswear Industries - kate galliano activewear

How Did Athleisure Brands Become Popular? 

Internet Influencers

Most consumers look at social media influencers to learn what’s hot and what’s not. Online celebrities, including actors, performers, and models are instrumental in boosting the popularity of athleisure brands. Top sports apparel manufacturers even look at non-traditional celebrities to put up on their posters to help promote their brands.

The Fitness and Wellness Movement is Here to Stay

Promoting an active, healthy, and fitness-conscious lifestyle is one of the missions of designers such as Kate Galliano. Women consider athleisure a necessity. They are an essential part of keeping fit and healthy. The versatility of athleisure clothing is what sets them apart from traditional workout clothes. Not only are they meant to be worn for conventional workouts, but they can be worn even after calorie-burning exercises, too. Athleisure clothing can be used for various workout movements, from light jogging, hiking, biking, yoga, barre, Pilates, and more. 

If you’re looking for versatile and highly functional fitness clothing for women, check out the stunning collection of Kate Galliano. With aesthetics, function, and performance in mind, modern women are sure to find athleisure essentials that meet your discerning taste and style at competitive pricing. 

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