If you have it, flaunt it. But don’t you hate it when you’re on your squat game, loaded up with your barbell, and perfected your bent and form only for your gym leggings to go down with you, or you are at the grocery store doing your regular shopping and you bent over and there goes your leggings failing you? Yikes. That could be a very unflattering scene!

We know the struggle of finding the best activewear for women and no one should have to suffer wearing unflattering leggings. So, in this article, we’ll guide you through some of Kate Galliano’s flattering leggings collections.

Which Gym Leggings are Most Flattering?

Real flattering leggings should hug your curves and stay on firmly throughout the day or your workout. Whether you are travelling, doing regular shopping errands, on a nature adventure, or just another grind day at the gym, these always get your back and your bum.

KG LUXE Bottoms – Black

A great pair of women’s leggings will feel like a second skin, it needs to be comfortable, breathable, and flattering(please no knicker-showing pairs). This KG LUXE Bottoms – Black is just perfect for any type of activity, this screams fashion and comfort and fits well! Perfect for a workout at the gym, a run, an adventure with Mother Nature, or a brunch date, styled with a pair of heels. It has luxurious features, all for that flattering look. It has a thong front seam detail, lightweight fabric, and antibacterial features. This is not just gorgeous but durable and easy to wash and wear. All made for your comfort.

GENESIS Leggings – Cosmic Latte

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. If you have got it, flaunt it. These leggings are designed for every woman who wants to be seen. Genesis leggings are sure to highlight all your best features, this makes your awesome features stand out including that bum!

Own every room you walk into with this ultimate piece of workout wear. This offers tummy control and flatters your body shape. The unique fit will heighten your style and give you the confidence you need to own it. Our leggings are made with a high-quality two-way stretch fabric to provide ultimate comfort and a perfect fit for every woman. 

SEAMLESS Leggings – Candy Red

As athleisure has become a daily go-to for a lot of women, leggings now accessorise more than just yoga classes. A pair of good leggings are a good investment that a woman can make, so give yourself extra motivation to hit the gym with this Kate Galliano’s Seamless Leggings. This piece will help you feel good and boost your confidence while doing high-movement activities or lounging around. This also features a ribbed compressive waistband and breathable, sweat-wicking fabric. This is also made of high-quality super stretch fabric which guarantees that these leggings are flattering while still offering the freedom to move during a workout.

This is also squat-proof, thanks to its thick fabric you won’t have to worry about people being able to see through the material. The perfect fit for anything you do, all you have to worry about is going to the gym.


Add some colours to your daily workouts with this vibrant Coral Red colour that is guaranteed to turn heads at the gym. Aside from its figure-hugging style, this also has a sweat-wicking super soft fabric, so whether you’re new to the whole gym thing or a pro athlete, bag yourself a sweat-proof look with these leggings made just for you!

‘KG ESSENTIALS’ Leggings – Apricot

The wrong pair of tights can hug you in all the wrong places, which is why it is very essential to do some thinking before purchasing a pair of leggings. The good thing is, you do not have to look any further because we got you this Kate Galliano’s awesome creations.

With these ‘KG ESSENTIALS’ Leggings – Apricot you’ll definitely feel like a Boss Babe. Hit the gym and show off your assets in these super flattering booty sculpting leggings! This features an exquisite and unique design that suits any occasion. Whether it is an afternoon tea with some friends, a typical shopping day, or a trip to the gym, ‘KG Essentials’ leggings are made just for you! 

These are delicately designed with thick elastic waistbands that offer core support and tummy control. Made from high-quality fabric that stretches comfortably to give you that perfect fit. And flatters your form while providing you with a breathable comfort to tend to your active lifestyle. Move any way you want without worrying about unwanted exposure, as these provide excellent coverage and optimum support.

Never settle for mediocre women’s activewear, check out our impressive selection here at Kate Galliano. If you have additional enquiries, you may contact us at 

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