Buyer’s Guide to Getting the Unique Holiday Gift this 2022

Buyer’s Guide to Getting the Unique Holiday Gift this 2022 - kate galliano

Are you one of those people who get anxious looking for the perfect gift during the Christmas season? With a lot of options available, you do not know which one to get for your loved ones. It is the time of the year when it feels like so much needs to be done in so little time! It could be really overwhelming, but nothing to worry about because we hand-picked some of the unique holiday gift ideas for you and the people in your life!

Finding the perfect gift for your family and friends can be very tricky so we are here to help. We have come up with gift ideas that you can get inspiration from. Fasten your seatbelt, we are going on a sleigh ride!

Personalised Christmas Decor

Consider giving your pals personalised Christmas decorations this year. After all, the Christmas season is all about giving. You may commemorate your connection in the past, present, and future by placing these ornaments made from photos of special occasions on other people’s Christmas trees. To ring in the holiday season, go above and above these inventive, do-it-yourself Christmas ornaments that make wonderful presents.

Customised Water Bottle

Another unique holidy gift is a personalised water bottle, you can keep your friend hydrated while they are hitting the gym. Choose a heartwarming image or phrase that will make them smile even on their busiest days. A personalised travel tumbler also makes a special present for those who are constantly on the move.

Buyer’s Guide to Getting the Unique Holiday Gift this 2022 - customised water bottle - kate galliano activewear blog

Gym Accessory

With the New Year just around the corner, it is a perfect time to set up new fitness goals. As we all know, Holidays come with eating and eating comes with “holiday weights”.  Help your sporty friends keep on track with their goals by gifting them this Kate Galliano Resistance Band that is made to last! This one is perfect for home workouts and will help them tone and shape their bodies. Resistance bands, so they can work on their upper and lower body, even in the comfort of their home. Do squats, lunges, and a lot more. Give them something they can resist!

Buyer’s Guide to Getting the Unique Holiday Gift this 2022 - kate galliano pink resistance band - kate galliano activewear blog

A Pair of Trackies

It is the thought that matters when giving gifts, so think of that friend of yours who will surely look great in these Luxe Tracksuits.

Buyer’s Guide to Getting the Unique Holiday Gift this 2022 - Luxe Tracksuits - Kate Galliano Activewear

We all have that friend who loves running or simply just loves wearing comfy clothes at home, so when you think of her, think of this tracksuit too. Think about giving a gift that suits the recipient’s interests rather than what is flashy or unreasonably expensive.

Gym Wear

Because we all know at least one person in our lives who can’t go on without breaking a sweat or taking a trip to the gym and this one’s for her. 

This KG luxe activewear is made from flexible, super-stretchy four-way knitted ribbed material that hugs someone’s body. Inspire your friends to keep moving!

Pair this Sports Bra with KG’s Athleisure Leggings for a complete matching set and you will definitely make her smile.

KG Lounge Crop Top & Joggers

Whether your friend or loved ones love running through the city to get to work, a weekend marathon run through the forest, or a treadmill run during their free hours, some people just want to keep moving. And you will be that awesome friend by gifting them this KG Lounge Crop Top & Jogger. Give them a blast of fitness motivation with this beautiful pair!

Gift Card

Still unsure of what to get for a holiday gift? Or do you just want to give your loved ones the freedom of choosing what they want? Whatever your reason, most of the time a gift card is a unique gift, it saves time for excessive wrapping and of course saves your time for gift-hunting.

Treat this card like cash. It is not refundable or exchangeable for cash. It contains a fixed amount (50$ to 500$) that can be used for any of Kate Galliano’s products!

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, it brings families and friends together and gift giving is just an awesome part of it. So make it memorable by picking the perfect gift and we hope that you found them here.

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