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Practical and Satisfying Workout Clothes for Women

Workout Clothes for Women - kate galliano activewear

Everyone knows it’s extra fun and fulfilling to work out when you’re wearing pretty workout clothes. It’s even better when they’re functional and practical because they enhance your performance, heighten your confidence, and boost your motivation. With the ever-rising movement of staying fit,  being in shape, and of course, looking good while doing so, it’s […]

How to Wear Your Activewear and Athleisure Pieces for Travel

These days, activewear is no longer exclusive to working out. A quick look at celebrities and influencers will tell you that these essentials can also work for an everyday look and can offer multi-function. Whether it’s hopping on a plane and meeting friends for brunch as you land or going jogging in a new city […]

9 Facts You Never Knew About Our Best Supportive Sports Bras

Suffering through a workout wearing the wrong sports bra can be annoying. And don’t forget about how you were unable to optimize your workout because you were uneasy throughout your workout session. The good news is that you don’t have to wear ill-fitting sports bras ever again.  The Kate Galliano sports bra is an emerging […]

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