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A Brief Guide to Taking Care of your Activewear

Technical performance and activewear fabrics of the 21st century have indeed come a long way. From moisture-wicking properties and form-fitting designs that allow for optimal movement, women now have a better selection of workout clothes to choose from. Just as your health and wellness are a priority, investing in workout clothes should be perceived as […]

The Top Things to Look for in a Sports Bra

ribbed seamless purple - Activewear: Our Favourites and Why - kate galliano activewear

A good-fitting sports bra reduces breast movement, and unnecessary bouncing, and will not distract you from crushing your favourite workouts. On the other hand, an ill-fitting bra can be a nuisance and can even lead to soreness, chafing, breast pain, and soft tissue damage.  For some women, pain and discomfort from wearing the wrong type […]

The Rise of Athleisure: When Sport Meets Fashion

Athleisure - kate galliano activewear

Fashion is continuously shifting. Trends from decades before are slowly coming back in an even more stylish way. This 2022, Athleisure is making its way as the top fashion trend for this year. Athleisure comes from the words “athletic” and “leisure,” which refers to athletic clothing which people wear in non-athletic situations. Wearing casual but […]

The Perfect Tracksuit Everyone is Talking About

kate galliano activewear trackpants cropped

Fashion nowadays has been evolving. Many years before, we considered hoodies and tracksuits as gym outfits or something to warm us up during winter. Now, we see people wearing them as street clothes or an everyday fashion or a cosy piece. We see our favourite celebrities flex them and accessorise them with lots of bling. […]

Styling 101: Athleisure Leggings


After almost two years of working from home and wearing your old blazer and sweatpants outfit, it’s evident that the world has completely changed and so has our definition of fashion. If there was one thing that is here to stay, it’s athleisure. It’s not just a passing trend for women but a mainstay as […]

Activewear: Our Favourites and Why

Activewear: Our Favourites and Why - lounge joggers - kate galliano

It’s undeniable! Women are motivated to exercise and work for a leaner figure when they wear a fresh set of stylish activewear! And with gyms and fitness fully open, there is no perfect time than now to invest in superior quality activewear and athleisurewear.  Style is a major deciding factor when shopping for women’s activewear. […]

Athleisure Wear: A Trend Movement in the Fashion and Sportswear Industries

cream tracksuit pants and cropped hoodie

The increased awareness for wellness to strengthen immunity inspired people from all social classes to begin exercising at home. As a result, the sportswear industry experienced an uptick amid the pandemic. And with great demand came innovation. The athleisure market is one of the fast-rising segments in the realm of wellness.  Athleisure brands are flourishing […]

Loungewear Beyond The Lounge

From endless virtual meetings to metaverse events, the ‘new normal’ has led to a myriad of changes. One subtle yet much-needed change is the shift towards loungewear. Let’s explore how loungewear has become a staple in women’s wardrobes and how you, too, can up your fashion game by turning to loungewear this season. Can Loungewear […]

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