Is It Better to Run in Shorts or Leggings?

Is It Better to Run in Shorts or Leggings - kate galliano activewear

When it comes to running apparel, there is no one-size fits all solution. Choosing between activewear shorts or leggings for running will depend on various factors. So, which of these two is a better option? Let’s look at the advantages of both and how to style shorts and leggings to ensure you make the most out of your running. 

All You Need to Know About Running in Leggings

We all know how important it is to stay active, even when it’s cold outside. But, let’s be honest, running in the cold can be uncomfortable and downright unpleasant at times. That’s where leggings come in! Not only are they comfortable and stylish, but they are also an ideal option for running in cold weather or inside on a treadmill. But with so many types of leggings available, it can be hard to determine which ones are best for your needs. Let’s look at the advantages of running in leggings so you can make an informed decision before you hit the pavement or hop on the treadmill. 


Leggings provide comfort, no matter what type of terrain you’re tackling. Whether you’re running on asphalt, gravel trails, or treadmills, leggings will keep your legs comfortable during long runs and help prevent fatigue. The best part? You won’t feel any chafing or itching due to the fabric’s elasticity.


When it comes to working out clothes, we all want something that looks good as well as feels good! When you wear leggings for running, you get both style and comfort in one package! Not only are there a variety of colours and patterns to choose from, but there are also different lengths available so you can find something that fits your personal style perfectly.


One of the primary benefits is the ability to provide compression support. This can help runners improve their performance and prevent potential issues with muscles. Compression support can reduce wrinkling that could cause painful chafing, as well as swelling muscles or blood clotting from an intense run. 

Here are some great choices if you are looking for premium leggings for your next running session. The KG Ribbed Seamless Leggings are the perfect leggings as it offers maximum support and flexibility. Crafted with four-way knitted ribbed material, you’ll love how they get that perfectly snug fit while being flexible enough to move with you while you run. And the stylish V-shape back design provides an extra shapely flattering fit. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced runner, these leggings will help you perform at your best.

Is It Better to Run in Shorts or Leggings - kg nude ribbed seamless leggings - kate galliano activewear

Another great leggings that you should look into are the KG Essentials Leggings. With a unique design and high-quality fabric, these leggings provide the perfect fit for any fitness class at the gym, shopping day or afternoon tea. The thick elastic waistband ensures core support and tummy control without ever leaving you feeling uncomfortable or worrying about your form. And for added breathability, the fabric stretches comfortably to offer an airy and light feel that will give you the mobility you need to meet all your active lifestyle requirements, whether it’s a power run through the city or an extra round of cardio in the comfort of your own home.

Everything You Need to Know About Running Shorts 

It’s no surprise that running shorts are popular. They’re comfortable, lightweight, and even stylish. But are they the best choice for your run? Let’s look at the benefits of wearing shorts when running, so you can make an informed decision when getting dressed for your next run 

Stay Cooler Running in Shorts

One of the most obvious benefits of running in shorts is staying cooler. This is especially important if you’re running in hot weather conditions. And depending on the type of fabric, some shorts are designed to wick away sweat and keep you dry as well.

Provide Greater Freedom of Movement

Shorts also provide you with greater freedom of movement than a pair of leggings or tights would give you. This can be beneficial if you’re doing activities like sprinting or agility drills during your run.

Less Likely to Cause Chafing

Finally, wearing a pair of shorts is less likely to cause chafing than wearing a pair of leggings or tights would be. This is because there’s less fabric rubbing against your skin that could cause irritation over time. 

There are a few running shorts on the market that showcase the perfect mix of comfort, style, and support. The KG LUXE Bike Shorts are perfect for indoor and short-distance running due to their lightweight fabric that features antibacterial features and a soft, breathable nylon blend. In addition, these shorts boast a silky feel and comfortable material that offers a stretchy and flattering fit. The thong front seam detail creates an especially chic look. Being made of superior materials makes these shorts a great investment, they’ll last you long after your runs have finished.

Is It Better to Run in Shorts or Leggings - kg luxe bike shorts - kate galliano activewear

If you’re looking for stylish shorts to run in, then KG SCULPT Bike Shorts are a good choice, too. This flattering booty sculpting high waisted Bike Shorts provide under bum seam that gives a push up effect and emphasises your curves. Not only do they have a great fit everywhere, but they also provide extra support and tummy control with a higher waist. The stretchable and durable fabric provides the right balance between compression and comfort so you can comfortably exercise without compromising on performance. With KG SCULPT Bike Shorts, you can look and feel your best during your running routine.

Is It Better to Run in Shorts or Leggings - kg sculpt bike shorts - kate galliano activewear
Is It Better to Run in Shorts or Leggings - kg sculpt bike shorts - kate galliano activewear

At the end of the day, both shorts and leggings offer great performance benefits when it comes to running, so it just depends on what kind of features you’re looking for in your apparel. If breathability is key for you then shorts are probably best. However, if stability and warmth are more important then go with a pair of high-performance leggings. Whatever option you choose, make sure that it offers superior comfort and fits well, because ultimately, that will determine how well you perform while out on your run.

If you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe, Kate Galliano has a wide range of collections for you. Offering luxurious and superior-quality leggings, shorts, and other workout essentials designed with comfort and style in mind, you’ll be sure to stand out no matter where you go. Crafted with attention to detail and fine-quality materials, our collections combine form and function to bring you a fashion item that looks as good as it feels. Check out Kate Galliano’s top-rated designs today and experience luxury athleisure like never before. If you have additional enquiries, you may shoot us a message at

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