Joggers Vs Active Leggings: What to wear when?

Joggers Vs Active Leggings: What to wear when? - kate galliano activewear

Joggers Vs Active Leggings. For those looking to sport a more active look, it can be difficult choosing between joggers and sweatpants. But with this comprehensive guide, you’ll make the perfect choice every time. Learn how these two activewear bottoms differentiate from one another. So you can decide which is best, whether for casually lounging or hitting up an intense workout session.

What Are Joggers?

Joggers, once an exclusively sporty staple, have stepped into the mainstream. Originally designed for exercise, these lightweight pants offer modern fashionistas a casual yet elegant look. Featuring a drawstring waist or elastic band as well as elasticated hems, joggers provide maximum comfort without comprising style! This versatile jogger is available today in diverse fabrics and fits. From sleek cuts designed for movement during workouts through to more tailored offerings perfect for everyday wear.

Lounge Joggers

Are you going for maximum comfort and relaxation? Consider grabbing a pair of KG Luxe Tracksuit Pants.  Crafted with relaxed fits and fabrics like fleece or polyester blend, they offer the perfect combination of style and coziness. Whether it’s watching weekend night football or just hanging out on the couch, these will be your go-to pants when you need added warmth without compromising on looks.

KG LUXE Tracksuit Pants - Brown tracksuit pants - coffee tracksuit pants - kate galliano activewear - Joggers Vs Active Leggings

Everyday joggers

Whether you’re running errands, picking up the kids from school, or taking in a casual brunch with friends. Everyday joggers like the KG High Waisted Tracksuit Pants are your go-to for living life day to day without sacrificing comfort and style! These versatile pants can effortlessly transition between activities while still providing exceptional levels of both comfort and chic. Don’t miss out on one of today’s best articles of clothing, add everyday joggers to your wardrobe now and keep looking fashionable no matter where life takes you.

KG High Waisted Tracksuit Pants - black tracksuit pants - black high waisted tracksuit pants - kate galliano activewear - Joggers Vs Active Leggings

Smart joggers

Fed up with uncomfortable dress pants? Smart joggers to the rescue. They’ve revolutionised off-duty fashion by presenting a sleek, tailored look that’s still comfortable enough for everyday wear. These fashionable sweatpants like the KG22 Tracksuit Pants Limited Edition come equipped with tapered legs and quality materials designed to keep their shape over time without bunching at the knees or sagging in all the wrong places. With smart joggers, you can easily transition from home life into more formal affairs like dinner parties, office meetings and beyond without having to sacrifice style for comfort.

KG22 Tracksuit Pants LIMITED EDITION - black tracksuit pants - black jogger pants - kate galliano activewear - Joggers Vs Active Leggings

What are leggings?

Active leggings like the KG Luxe Bottoms have become an essential part of workout gear, as they provide great comfort and stretchability with every activity – no matter how strenuous! They’ve even stepped out of the gym to make their mark in everyday fashion. Now more than ever, people are experimenting by pairing them up with Kurtis or other tops for effortless looks that can take you from running errands to yoga class. With active leggings’ versatility, there’s truly something for everyone.

KG LUXE Bottoms in Cream - cream leggings - cream activewear leggings - kate galliano activewear - Joggers Vs Active Leggings

Tops to Wear with Leggings

When it comes to nailing the perfect look with leggings, a structured long shirt can pull your ensemble together in an instant. Whether you go classic with a button-down or add some polka dots, having that extra length is the key. By providing coverage and style, these longer shirts create instantly polished looks while remaining comfortable.

Achieve an enviable outfit balance by pairing leggings with lightweight, flowy shirts in the springtime. Opt for fabrics like silk, rayon or 100% polyester to create an ensemble that’s both comfortable and stylish! For a hint of colour and dimension, choose pieces adorned with paisley prints and floral stripes your perfect look awaits. 

Put a stylish spin on your casual wardrobe with this chic black legging ensemble like the KG Ribbed Seamless Leggings. Featuring an outfitted long shirt and polka-dot prints, you can cinch in the waistline with a thick black belt for shapely definition while adding extra flair to the look. To complete it all off? Accessorize any outfit with complementary colours like burgundy pumps and forest green bags – perfect for dressing up those basic leggings.

Ribbed Seamless Leggings - Pink ribbed seamless leggings - pink leggings - kate galiano activewear leggings - Joggers Vs Active Leggings

For a fashionable, comfortable look on casual days or road trips, there’s nothing better than leggings.

Layer with a chambray shirt and boyfriend tee for an effortlessly stylish vibe that you can adjust based on temperature changes along the journey. Complement your ensemble with flats, booties or boots-you’re set. Tunics paired with a basic and comfy leggings like the KG Essentials Leggings may seem like an obvious option. However, this pairing tends to have bulky results as most tunics end at mid-thigh: the thickest part of any leg length which detracts from its overall appeal. For chic style during travels opt instead for layering separates such as shirts and tees over snug fitting bottoms like jeggings or spandex pants – no one will ever know comfort was the top priority in creating your fly look.

Kate Galliano is revolutionizing the way consumers think about performance apparel with their collection of premium athleisure line. The brand was founded with the goal of bringing together Australia’s vibrant active lifestyle – where fitness, sport and art are all equally celebrated – into a comfortable and stylish clothing range. Breaking down the traditional boundaries that separate activewear from everyday wear. Kate Galliano has created something totally new that provides comfort and versatility while still looking fashionable. To check out more stunning athleisure, check out our wide selection of leggings and joggers here. 

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