Kate Galliano: How the Founder Started the Business

Kate Galliano Activewear - How the Founder started the Business

It’s not surprising when a person has a lot of passions and dreams, but to be able to put all of those into one thing is not easy. Kate Galliano, however, was able to combine her dream job, love for fitness, and passion for fashion in one.

How It Started

Kate Galliano started the business in 2019 after she finished her business degree. Ever since she was a kid, Kate has always dreamed of starting her own business. She knew that entrepreneurship was the path she wanted to take.

At 12 years old, Kate started working as a model in Japan. She developed her passion for fashion as she saw amazing and talented designers bring their visions to life. She felt it was fulfilling to see other people model one’s creation, and she knew that she wanted to create her own line one day.

When Kate was 18, she fell in love with fitness as she consistently went to the gym. However, she noticed that people’s workout clothes in Australia seemed boring and plain. That’s when she knew that she wanted to create something unique and sexy — something that shows off the body you worked so hard to create.

Even with the different industries she encountered growing up, Kate never lost sight of her passion for business. When she was in High School, she would buy pre-owned designer bags and shoes and sell them to the local Russian community in Japan. By doing this, Kate was able to save up and move to Australia to pursue her studies.

Kate’s Goal

Kate combined the three things she was passionate about: business, fashion, and fitness. “Combining my business ‘hustle’ mindset and fashion seemed like the perfect combo, so the gym wear brand seemed like the best choice for me,” she says.

Her goal was (and still is) to see women all over Australia—and soon, the world—wearing her label. “I still can’t believe complete strangers buy [the] designs that I once created in my bedroom all on my own,” she says. “Seeing girls in my pieces feels surreal and always reminds me why I started and pushes me to keep going, even if times get tough!”

When she started her business, money was never her goal. Since Kate is the first in her family to have a university degree and her own business, “seeing how proud I make my family and how I can make their lives better [motivates] and inspires me to keep going,” Kate says.

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