Loungewear Beyond The Lounge

From endless virtual meetings to metaverse events, the ‘new normal’ has led to a myriad of changes.

One subtle yet much-needed change is the shift towards loungewear.

Let’s explore how loungewear has become a staple in women’s wardrobes and how you, too, can up your fashion game by turning to loungewear this season.

Can Loungewear Be A Luxury Apparel?

In the past, many people assumed loungewear had limited uses since it could not look or feel luxurious.

After all, a crop top paired with tights seldom felt like something you could wear to a party. Or so people used to think.

Now, wearing glitzy and luxe yet uncomfortable dresses has taken a backseat while comfy, skin-hugging loungewear has become all the rage.

Long gone are the days when luxury limited your fashion choices. Now there’s a whole series of loungewear that is both functional and fashionable, offering the best of both the worlds.

Loungewear Beyond The Lounge-loungwear-kate-galliano-activewear

With the Kate Galliano (KG) Lounge series, you can take over the streets without compromising on your style. Isn’t that just what you want?

Pandemic Changes Apparel – What’s The Buzz?

The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic locked people into homes as social distancing protocols took over. Of course, if you’re at home, you won’t be dressed to go to a party.

But – and here’s the turning point – when dinner dates, meetings, and even parties began occurring virtually, or as small gatherings in homes, the fashion concept changed drastically.

If houses could be multi-functional; we don’t see why your loungewear could not be multi-functional too.

Modern loungewear came in the picture, such as KG Lounge shorts. These are made in stylish cuts and dazzling colors and can be paired with either casual sneakers or high heels to perfect an outfit for a fancy dine out.

Finally, all women can wear what they look fabulous in and feel comfortable with helping them to go for a corporate event or a photo shoot and still look their best selves.

While the pandemic’s restrictions may have simmered away, the change in fashion and hype of loungewear remains. After all, how can you go back to the uncomfortably fashionable when you can appear luxuriously relaxed?

Loungewear Beyond The Lounge-loungwear-kate-galliano-activewear

Is Loungewear Not Loungewear Anymore?

Brands such as Kate Galliano are redefining loungewear. But let us assure you loungewear is still the same old comfy clothes you find solace in.

KG Lounge series is the perfect choice for indoor loungewear that you can wear to look sexy, feel comfortable in, and get your chores done. Talk about being multi-functional.

Loungewear Beyond The Lounge-kate-galliano-activewear-loungewear


From a posh office to walk on the street, and a glamourous evening to a romantic date, streetwear fits the bill for every occasion.

While loungewear may not have been considered something to wear beyond the lounge; times have changed.

Visit Kate Galliano now and get luxury loungewear to up your fashion game and jump on this new fashion bandwagon today!

One thought on “Loungewear Beyond The Lounge

  1. Ava Miller says:

    Hi Kate! I also love loungewear which is comfortable & skin-hugging but not too tight as it should provide comfort to my body and not discomfort. I love the loungewear in the pictures as most of them look like 100% cotton which is my favorite. Also, it is good for the environment. As one of the most dangerous forms of pollution is polyfibre floating everywhere; it’s in the air, water & soil. 100 billion pieces of clothing are sold on the planet every year & 85 billion pieces of clothing go into the landfills every year & most of it is polyester. So nice blog, please keep posting.

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