Practical and Satisfying Workout Clothes for Women

Workout Clothes for Women - kate galliano activewear

Everyone knows it’s extra fun and fulfilling to work out when you’re wearing pretty workout clothes. It’s even better when they’re functional and practical because they enhance your performance, heighten your confidence, and boost your motivation.

With the ever-rising movement of staying fit,  being in shape, and of course, looking good while doing so, it’s been great to have so many workout wear options to choose from. However, this can get confusing too.

Lucky for you, we’ve curated our favourite workout clothes for women that are practical and satisfying to guarantee that performance, motivation, and confidence boost!

Sports Bras

We absolutely love the versatility of sports bras. You can use them as the inner top of a cute workout shirt, or you can use them as your actual activewear top itself. Whichever function you choose, these sports bras are guaranteed to give the support you need during your workout.

Plus, you can never go wrong with sports bras that give a snug and comfortable fit. The secret to finding a practical and satisfying sports bra is to go for a seamless one.

  1. Ribbed Seamless Sports Bra – Nude

The Ribbed Seamless Sports Bra is one of the products we are most proud of because they’re the comfiest collection ever! We personally prefer the nude one because it blends well with your skin colour, so it’s not easily seen when you wear a white top.

This bra is made from flexible and super stretchy four-way knitted ribbed material that hugs your body and gives you the support you need.

If nude isn’t your thing and you plan to wear the bra on its own, go for a different colour like black, purple, light blue, or pink.

  1. SEAMLESS Sports Bra – Lavender

The SEAMLESS Sports Bra makes it to our list of favourites because of its ribbed supportive waistband and breathable, sweat-wicking fabric. It also has a racerback and thick straps for the support!

Workout Clothes for Women - kate galliano activewear

Gym Tops

If you’re more of an activewear top kind of gal, don’t worry. We also curated an amazing collection for you. Just like sports bras, these gym tops are comfortable, stylish, practical, and satisfying.

  1. KG LUXE Cropped Top – Cream

If you’re all about minimalism, the KG LUXE Cropped Top in cream is for you. You’ll love its under-boob contour seam detail, removable padding, and silky feel. The best part? They’re so cute that you can even wear them with jeans if you’re going for that casual look.

Workout Clothes for Women - kate galliano activewear
  1. “KG ESSENTIALS” Cropped Sports Tee – Apricot

If luxury and comfort had a baby, it would be the “KG ESSENTIALS” Cropped Sports Tee. It’s unbelievably soft and silky to give that luxurious feel, and it has an under-boob seam and removable padding to give the support and contouring you need.

Activewear Leggings

A pair of activewear leggings is one of the most common workout clothes people use, and we understand why! They’re comfortable without compromising style. 

  1. Ribbed Seamless Leggings – Black

We are absolutely in love with the style and minimalism of the Ribbed Seamless Leggings in black. Just like the ribbed seamless sports bra, these leggings are made from flexible and super stretchy four-way knitted ribbed material. Plus, you can never go wrong with black clothing!

  1. SEAMLESS Leggings – Candy Red

Planning to get some attention? The SEAMLESS leggings in candy red might just do the trick. Not only does it have an eye-catching colour, but it also has a ribbed compressive waistband and breathable, sweat-wicking fabric.

Activewear Shorts

We don’t blame you if you prefer activewear shorts over activewear leggings. In fact, we also have a great selection of gym shorts for women for you to try!

  1. SCULPT Bike Shorts – Candy Pink

The SCULPT Bike Shorts in candy pink are as pretty as their name. These booty-sculpting high-waisted bike shorts have a scrunch bum and under bum seam that provides a push-up effect on your bottoms and emphasises your curves.

  1. KG LOUNGE Shorts – Cream

If you plan to do chill workouts for the day, the KG LOUNGE Shorts in cream would be great. This cotton pair has a soft breathable feel to guarantee fashion and comfort in one!

Ready to head to the gym with these practical and satisfying workout clothes? You better be!
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