Sports Bra vs. Traditional Bra: Which Should I Wear?

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When working out, are you most comfortable wearing a traditional bra? When do you wear a sports bra? Some of the questions we have on a daily basis. We believe wearing a type of bra is a matter of choice, as long as you are comfortable wearing one. But let us face the fact that there are certain bras designed for a particular purpose. For instance, a sports bra is specifically created for the use of working out, it is engineered with features to provide for our needs.

A bras’ purpose is to provide comfort and play a huge role in providing support. Each design comes in different varieties, made especially according to its preferences and needs.  With fashion that is drastically changing nowadays, activewear and athleisure are starting to be increasingly popular. With that, most women find sports bras as a staple fashion piece and should be a wardrobe staple. We know traditional bras do serve a purpose, but we can’t deny the fact that sports bras offer some characteristics that are unparalleled.

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Incomparable Support

The main purpose of a bra is meant to support whether it’ll be the traditional bra or a sports bra, but we can’t deny that sports bras are one step ahead. They’re designed for comfort – the padding, underwires, and broader underbands, and the support it gives is unmatched. Though wearing a sports bra is not limited when you’re doing physical activity or maybe low-impact actions such as pilates, yoga, walking, or just doing some chores that require added assistance for your chest. Sports bras or any gym tops also give added support if you’re doing medium-intensity activities like hiking, brisk walking, or maybe Zumba. Sports bras give undeniable support to even the most basic day-to-day activities.

Sports bras can deliver that in so many ways that traditional bras cannot match. Kate Galliano has a wide array of activewear tops designed to meet every woman’s need.

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Pros and Cons

Doing a lot of physical movement can be tiresome especially if you are not wearing the correct bra for the occasion, this can be painful especially in the lower back after a long day. A sports bra can help reduce this since it squeezes the movements of the breasts and makes them secure after a long hike or just doing strenuous activities that require exerting lots of strength.

Traditional bras, however, have their purpose. It pushes us up and holds us up on a daily basis. While a sports bra is designed for a more physical type of activity, traditional bras are meant to give comfort on a daily basis, you just have to choose the one fit for the job! Sports bras though are not suggested to be worn as an undershirt, or as everyday wear. They give a not-so-feminine shape or it is not flattering as to how the boob should be depending on the kind of shirt you wear. You cannot possibly wear a sports bra under a corporate blouse while wearing a full-cup bra is perfect for it. It provides fuller coverage that a sports bra is not the right fit.

Both have their sole purpose, whether a sports bra or a regular bra, to give comfort to whoever wears them.  You just have to pick one that does the job!

Luxe Activewear Sports Bras - Kate Galliano

If you choose a sports bra to wear every day because of the comfort it gives, then so be it! After all, you always have the freedom to choose, you just have to choose the perfect fit. However, if you are a traditional type, comfort and support are the key factors you have to consider, and also choose the correct bra for every outfit.

In choosing the right sports bra, Kate Galliano has your every need! Comfort and support are what we live for. We offer activewear for women and also athleisure in Australia. Check out our collection on our website for only quality workout clothes for you!

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