The Best Activewear Fabrics for Every Type of Activity

The Best Activewear Fabrics for Every Type of Activity - kate galliano activewear

When it comes to activewear, the magic is hidden beneath the seams. The cut, colour and fit are all factors that make up luxe activewear, but all those are built under its foundation: the fabric. We have listed The Best Activewear Fabrics for every type of activity.

Why the Right Fabric Matters

Beyond making you look booty-ful, the right fabrics keep you cool and comfy all throughout your workout sesh. Especially now that activewear has transcended beyond the sports and workout community, making its way into the athleisure realm where one isn’t required to sweat it out before going out in luxe tracksuits

Things to Consider When Choosing Activewear Fabrics

  1. Moisture-wicking ability

Depending on the amount of sweat you plan to shed, it is important to prioritise moisture-regulation properties and breathability. If the fabric tends to absorb moisture, skip it for those sweaty sessions.

  1. Durability 

Think of strong and stretchy if you want your gym sets to last you for as many sessions as possible and avoid a faux pas in a public place!

  1. Comfortability

Comfort feels different for every type of skin and body. Too tight, too loose, and incompatible fabric can ruin your whole workout or leisure experience.

So, before you dash out the door, check the label and ponder on the fabric of the gym gear you’re going to wear. It might just be the turning point of your whole day! If not, you might find yourself constantly wriggling through your drenched workout top, or feeling the burn — the burn from your sports shorts chafing your thighs!

We’ve summed up the best activewear fabrics so you can optimise your performance!


If there’s a fabric meant for gym wear, it’s spandex. It is the ideal material to have when your energy and movement are at their peak. Because it can adapt to your body shape, stretches and recoils to its original shape — it will feel like a second skin and unrestricting no matter what position you are in. 

Best for: Its durability makes it a strong contender for giving you the much-needed support and stretch when doing pilates or yoga, or rigorous training like weightlifting and CrossFit, among others. It wicks moisture so you also never have to worry about sweat and odour, which is sometimes inevitable for rapid and constant movement. A cropped top piece can keep you moving smoothly and looking chic at all times.


The popular polyester blends both comfortability and strength. It is also durable and doesn’t absorb moisture, so it is not a surprise why it is commonly seen in most workout clothes. It dries down pretty quickly so if you are only going for a run and still plan to go to an air-conditioned place, this will serve you well. Even though it is known for being lightweight, it also insulates, making it a great option for cooler weather workouts. Be careful in washing and drying this fabric because it is light and breathable, and it is also prone to bacteria-buildup. 

Best for: Polyester is best for more relaxed activities like jogging or dancing. Hoodies and joggers made with polyester are great for lounging and even just for chilling. Designed for comfort on chilly days with their warm feel, they are the perfect addition to your autumn/winter capsule wardrobe too! 


Soft and stretchy, nylon also holds one of the top spots when it comes to commonly used athleisure fabric. Its flexibility is a plus because it also adheres to a flattering shape. 

Best for: Because it is flexible and versatile, you can basically wear it for a range of activities and weather. Layer your gym leggings for a leisurely stroll during fall or style a matching activewear top and gym shorts for a sprint at the height of summer. It works wonders either way!

Final Thoughts

Much like uniforms, fitwear is designed and optimised to get the job done well. A stellar workout experience could also be attributed to the clothes on your back because whatever is closest to your body can either enhance or weaken your performance! High-grade materials matter and will change the game! Not only will it elevate your performance, but your confidence as well.

Check out Kate Galliano with its wide range of workout and lounge pieces in different fabrics! 

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