The Best Activewear Pieces for Your Workout

The Best Activewear Pieces for Your Workout

Nothing beats a good workout. Sweating it out and releasing endorphins is always a good way to turn your day around. Not to mention, it’s simply an excellent way to keep yourself healthy.

But to make workouts even more fun? The outfit. Who doesn’t want to look great while working to look great, right? However, activewear that is both functional and stylish isn’t always easy to find—but don’t fret. We’ve curated the best activewear for women that you can wear to your next workout sesh!

Tracksuits and Joggers

Many people prefer tracksuits as their workout clothes for a variety of reasons. Aside from being extremely comfortable, tracksuits improve mobility. They allow relaxed body movement as they give you comfort and versatility.

  • KG22 Cropped Hoodie – White

This limited edition tracksuit is easily one of our favourites. It’s great gym apparel for minimalists who want to get the most out of their workout. What we love about hoodies is that they raise the body temperature during a workout. The constant heat helps the body work harder and exert more muscle.

  • KG LOUNGE Joggers – Lilac

We can’t get over how these joggers look amazing not only for workouts but also for everyday errands. They have the softest fabric with a soft breathable feel—you wouldn’t want to take them off. The elasticated waistband makes them extra comfortable, and the open side pockets make them extra convenient.

  • KG Cropped Hoodie – Cream

Calling all fans of neutral colours, the KG cropped hoodie in cream is the perfect gym wear for you. It’s not only great for a mirror selfie, it also has a premium cotton/polyester blend plus a drawstring hood so you can adjust it according to your preference.

  • LUXE Hoodie – Sage

The LUXE Hoodie is specially designed for comfort on chilly days. This activewear top has a pouch pocket, drawstring hood, and premium cotton/polyester blend. It guarantees maximum comfort for your workouts and everyday casual activities.


Sports Bras

We all know that sports bras are essential sportswear. Physical activity makes breasts bounce, and too much of that can result in soreness. Enter sports bras. They lessen this movement and protect the breasts in the process.

  • GENESIS Sports Bra – Dark Olive

The GENESIS Sports Bra was made for the confident woman. Aside from its bold design, this bra has defined seams to show off the powerful woman’s curves. This also has a defined two-way stretch fabric to give you the softest and most comfortable fit.

  • Ribbed Seamless Sports Bra – Pink

This sports bra is made from flexible and stretchy four-way knitted ribbed material to give you the support you need during your workout. This is a great addition to your sportswear or  loungewear wardrobe.

  • SEAMLESS Sports Bra – Lavender

This form-fitting bra is made with super soft fabric, giving you the comfort and support you need. It has a ribbed supportive waistband and breathable, sweat-wicking fabric to help you get the most out of your daily workouts.

  • SCULPT Sports Bra – Aqua

The SCULPT Sports Bra isn’t just flattering. It has high-quality nylon and spandex blend that stretches easily and hugs your body for the ultimate comfort.


Leggings and Shorts

Gym leggings and gym shorts for women are popular gym apparel for obvious reasons. Shorts allow you to move freely and confidently, while leggings provide added support and stability.

  • KG LUXE Bottoms – Rich Lilac

The KG LUXE Bottoms have both leggings and bike shorts. They’re durable, comfortable, and luxurious with their lightweight fabric. Plus, who can say no to their antibacterial features?

  • KG ESSENTIALS Leggings – Black

You can never go wrong with black activewear leggings. These flattering leggings are made from high-quality fabric that stretches comfortably, making them great not just for the gym but also for your everyday activities.

  • KG LOUNGE Shorts – Tan

We love how these shorts can be worn not only for working out but also for lounging around. They have a soft breathable feel and a relaxed fit, making them a true must-have for your workout wardrobe.

When choosing your fitness clothes, style is not enough. They need to have the right mix of style, comfort, and functionality. Kate Galliano activewear is sure to give you all that and more. Check out the webshop’s full collection!

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