The Perfect Tracksuit Everyone is Talking About

kate galliano activewear trackpants cropped - The Perfect Tracksuit Everyone is Talking About | Kate Galliano

The Perfect Tracksuit. Fashion nowadays has been evolving. Many years before, we considered hoodies and tracksuits as gym outfits or something to warm us up during winter. Now, we see people wearing them as street clothes or an everyday fashion or a cosy piece. We see our favourite celebrities flex them and accessorise them with lots of bling. It has become a fashion statement for some. 

When choosing your favourite hoodie, you have to look for certain factors in buying the right fit. Cosy, warm and how it looks on you, are some of the things we consider before purchasing your own pair. Here are some of our product suggestions you can consider in choosing the perfect tracksuits and hoodies.

Kate Galliano Cropped Hoodies

Our cropped Hoodie is made from premium cotton and polyester blend giving you that cool effect even on a hot summer day. It has a drawstring feature so it’s easy to adjust for a more fashionable look. It is made with high-quality fabric that makes it super soft and stretchy. Just imagine yourself at home on a cold winter night with your favourite cup of coffee or hot chocolate, lounging on your couch and watching your favourite Netflix series wearing KG’s Cropped Hoodie LIMITED EDITION, –  perfect!. The result is a posh feel that’s idyllic for lazy days just lounging around. If you’re in for a lazy afternoon nap in or just a chill weekend homey vibe, wearing these hoodies from KG is ideal! Best pair it with KG Tracksuit Pant Limited Edition. Fashion meets gym wear!

white joggers and hoodie

The Cosy Leggings

These Ribbed Seamless Leggings are surefire to be the go-to fashion in your wardrobe! It is made from a flexible and super stretchy knitted material that hugs and supports your body as you do your day-to-day activities. It has a V-shape back detail that provides a flattering and shaping fit! This piece is also perfect for work out clothes and sports wear as it provides both warmth and protection. Simply put it on and go to your yoga session or Pilates on a Sunday morning, it’s a gym must-have for every woman.

Leggings are also ideal for women of different shapes and sizes. It has become a wardrobe staple you can rely on. This handy loungewear essential remains a favourite among everyone. As they say, if it’s not comfortable, it is a failed design. Kate Galliano’s goal is to provide comfort and style in one.

The Perfect Tracksuit - kate galliano activewear

Luxe Tracksuit Pants 

Jogging in style with these LUXE Tracksuit Pants in Baby Blue. That’s when fashion while in your active wear makes sense. These must-have items should be part of your wardrobe as this has become one of the Australias top activewear brands. It is perfect not only on a chilly day, but also all year round. Best paired with KG’s cropped hoodies. When it comes to comfort, tracksuit pants are actually as comfortable as your sleepwear pants, as useful as your jeans, and deliver a spirited and carefree attitude to anyone who wears them. Nowadays, tracksuit pants are everyone’s go-to piece of clothing in their wardrobe. From the gym to grabbing a coffee in your favourite coffee shop, it is that flexible.

The Perfect Tracksuit - kate galliano activewear
The Perfect Tracksuit - kate galliano activewear

Activewear or workout clothes are a thing these days. Kate Galliano aims to provide your needs when it comes to work out sets, and gym apparel that can also be your go-to everyday wear. Check our website for more designs and styles in one of the best activewear in Australia.

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