The Rise of Athleisure: When Sport Meets Fashion

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Fashion is continuously shifting. Trends from decades before are slowly coming back in an even more stylish way. This 2022, Athleisure is making its way as the top fashion trend for this year. Athleisure comes from the words “athletic” and “leisure,” which refers to athletic clothing which people wear in non-athletic situations. Wearing casual but fashionable garments and at the same time realising an athletic lifestyle is constantly increasing the market of the fashion industry nowadays. 

What is Athleisure’s Impact on the World?

On a global scale, Athleisure wear has achieved its heights and is one of the top fashion trends and still increasing rapidly in the upcoming decade. We at Kate Galliano aim to give you an understanding of the fast-growing trend of athleisure.

The transformation when it comes to fashion is constantly evolving. Women of different shapes and sizes are more confident in wearing gym leggings, active wear tops, and sports bras. Men are seen wearing hoodies and sweatpants. Sporting a more athletic outfit these days is becoming common when it comes to street-style fashion. 

Because of this growing trend, activewear brand owners have maximized business prospects to gain from this rising fashion trend. More and more people have in fact embraced that comfort comes first before style. White sneakers instead of high heels, sweatpants over skinny jeans, and hoodies instead of a denim jacket. Even luxury brands have welcomed the thought of launching their own athleisure line. 

The fashion industry struggled last year because of the pandemic with people just staying at home, it seems that athleisure brands thrived. With business meetings taking place over Zoom, more people have welcomed the thought of working from home instead of going to a physical office, gym outfits have quickly become essential pieces of our wardrobe. People have become obsessed with gym wear.

From the Ground up!

What made Athleisure rise rapidly? Here are some of the key factors that made this trend from zero to hero:

Sustainability. More and more consumers continue to explore new trends and invest in new products that are sustainable and durable. With the high-quality materials that each product is made of, athleisure is becoming in demand by people from all walks of life. Sustainability has been a long-time trend in fashion. A lot of brands have been eyeing bridging gaps between fashion and innovation with functional designs that suit every lifestyle.

Diversity and inclusivity. Athleisure is presenting clothes for all genders of all shapes and sizes. It surely is a plus point in marketing for this type of fashion.

Luxury brands are playing their part in creating an athleisure line. They see a lot of potential and new opportunities business-wise since many famous personalities have been sporting this look. 

These trends are the key strategy that brands have to accept to satisfy the needs of consumers and also for creating more athleisure designs.  

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It Is Part of Who We Are

Athleisure is becoming a part of who we are as a person. People have created their identity by wearing athleisure wear. We think that by donning sporty fashion, people will slowly embrace and transition to having a healthy lifestyle as it is very much important. It is evident that consumers pick brands that show their values as a person.

To make sure their idea is reaching the right market, brands have to make sure to use the right platform when promoting these trends. A lot of influencers and media channels have been partnering up with athleisure brands since competition is pretty stiff.

Conclusion: Kate Galliano believes this fashion will continue to thrive in the years to come. We aim to create more pieces that are sustainable and support diversity and inclusivity. After all, we are one of the favourite active wear in Australia. Choose from our collections by visiting our website! Come and see for yourself!

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