What Is Athleisure?

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You see it as a hashtag, your favourite fitness influencer is talking about it, even fashion outlets keep referring to it. “Athleisure” is a term familiar to many of us, but what exactly does it mean? Is it only for athletes? Is it not the same as sportswear?

Let’s dive into the world of athleisure, and how it differs from sportswear and activewear while giving some examples so you can navigate better and take part in this on-trend but also functional hype.

Definition of Athleisure

The purpose of athleisure is twofold. When you are wearing athleisure, you’ll not only feel comfortable doing sports, but you’ll also feel stylish enough for other activities. Simply put, athleisure is clothing meant to be worn for workouts and general use. Additionally, it’s workout-friendly with a refined business-casual aesthetic.

The Versatility of Athleisure

Athleisure prides itself in its versatility—the way it’s the fashion and style evolution of athletic wear and a modern lifestyle. Gone are the days when you have to change to workout clothes when heading to the gym after a long day at the office. After all, living in such a busy and fast-paced world, we all need multi-functional clothing that meets our daily goals without the hassle of changing outfits.

Sportswear vs. Activewear vs. Athleisure

Here’s where it gets a bit tricky. These three terms are often mixed up, but believe it or not, they have their differences.

  1. Sportswear

As its name suggests, sportswear is for sports. It’s meant to be worn outdoors with rough use — something you may not want to wear during everyday activities. It’s usually made of mesh artificial fabrics to make it dry more quickly. Examples of sportswear are muscle shirts and basketball shorts. Think of it as something you actually wear while doing actual sports.

  1. Activewear

Activewear is undoubtedly comfortable as well, but it’s essentially a mix of loungewear and sportswear. It’s like workout-friendly casual wear — something you would want to wear when you’re lounging around the house. It’s meant for sports but combines features of casual loungewear. Whether it’s going for a quick coffee run or jetting off to another city, activewear is all about comfort. 

  1. Athleisure

To easily remember the meaning of athleisure, think of the combination of business casual wear and sportswear. Athleisure takes the style of clothes that look best at work and recreates it into breathable and workout-friendly clothing.

Thanks to the development of fabrics, brands have made clothes like seamless stretch pants that look like business casual pants.

Athleisure You Can Wear

  1. KG Lounge Joggers – Tan

Athleisure promises comfort and style in one, and that’s definitely what you get from the KG Lounge Joggers in tan. These joggers are made with the softest fabric so you can lounge around and work out right after. We love the open side pockets and elasticated waistband too!

  1. LUXE Tracksuit Pants – Dark Mauve

Make a fashion statement with the LUXE Tracksuit Pants in dark mauve — perfect for days when it’s chilly outside! It has super functional front pockets and comfortable elasticated cuffs and waist. These are gym pants you would wear to work when you plan to go straight to the gym right after!

  1. KG Lounge Joggers – Black

If you want a pair of gym pants that is guaranteed to go with any office top, go for the KG Lounge Joggers in black! Just like the other joggers, this pair combines fashion and comfort. Put it on with office heels, an athleisure or activewear top, and a blazer, and no one will even notice that you’re wearing gym apparel!

  1. KG LUXE Cropped Top – Ice Blue

When we say that you can wear athleisure both in the office and at the gym, we mean it, and the KG LUXE Cropped Top in ice blue is the perfect example! The gorgeous style of this cropped top works well with a blazer at the office. At the end of your work hours, you can just take the blazer off and head to the gym. You’ll instantly love this top for its silky feel, comfort, and luxurious style.

baby blue shorts and leggings activewear set - what-is-athleisure-athleisure-you-can-wear

If you’re aiming for that active career woman vibe, opt for athleisure. Comfort and style are both guaranteed!

Check out Kate Galliano for more on-trend athleisure looks.

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