What Is the Difference Between Seamless Leggings and Leggings?

ribbed seamless set leggings and sports bra in black


Leggings may have been a staple part of your gym outfit for years, but over the last few years, the term “seamless leggings” started to appear almost everywhere, causing you undeniable confusion. How exactly do they differ from regular leggings? Keep reading to learn more.

How Seamless Leggings Differ From Leggings

Leggings and seamless leggings are perfect examples of fitness clothes that provide comfort and style, but they do have their differences.

Standard Leggings 

The fabric is sewn together with standard leggings, which is how many types of clothing are manufactured. Therefore, there are seams in different parts of the clothing, such as the legs, side seams, waistband, and crotch.

Seamless Leggings

The manufacturing process of seamless leggings is different from the process of standard leggings. The material in seamless leggings is knitted and not woven. This means that the material is more lightweight. It stretches better and retains shape, making it much easier to move more freely. They’re usually more durable too because the lack of seams means seamless leggings can be worn and washed more.

Simply put, standard leggings have a seam, a visible line where the fabric is stitched together. Seamless leggings don’t have a visible line of stitches, so you won’t really see where the fabric is stitched together. 

How Seamless Leggings Are Made

The process of making seamless leggings is similar to that of making pantyhose. They’re made by weaving—similar to how knitting is done.

Making seamless leggings involves seamless technology, which is an advanced process of knitting fabric. It’s a method to produce clothing without seams or stitches through a circular knitting machine. This machine is programmable to produce different kinds of clothes. When you program the machine with instructions, it knits together the materials to produce clothing.

The creation of seamless apparel is focused on supporting muscles, which makes seamless leggings great for working out. They’re much more comfortable as they offer elasticity that allows better movement.

Seamless technology makes it possible for you to create various levels of compression and structures on the sections of your fitness clothes. You get a snug fit, which is excellent. Another thing to love about seamless technology is its eco-friendly nature. This kind of technology produces less waste as it eliminates the cutting and sewing process.

The clothing made by this kind of technology is essentially performance-oriented and fits like a glove.

Benefits of Wearing Seamless Leggings

  1. Seamless leggings are durable

Seamless leggings last longer because they’re not constantly in close contact with your skin. They don’t constantly move up or down, nor do they get stretched too much.

  1. Seamless leggings are lighter

When your clothing doesn’t have seams, it becomes a lot lighter. It becomes less restricting, so you get to move a lot more freely.

  1. Seamless leggings don’t chafe

When you use seamless activewear leggings, there’s no chafing. Try to compare them with your standard leggings where you feel the seam or stitch on your skin.

  1. Seamless leggings are more flexible

When your clothing is seamless, it easily moves with your body with no friction. You get more flexibility, and you get to improve your range during your workouts.

  1. Seamless leggings are more breathable

Many seamless leggings have the type of fabric that can whisk away sweat when you do your workout. This breathability feature is a huge advantage, and you know it!

Seamless Leggings for Your Workout

We’ve gathered some of our favourite and tried-and-tested seamless activewear leggings so you won’t have to look far and wide from various activewear brands.

  1. Ribbed Seamless Leggings

These ribbed seamless leggings are so comfortable you won’t believe it! They’re made from flexible and stretchy four-way knitted ribbed material that supports and hugs your body.

  1. Seamless Leggings

If you’re not a fan of ribbed activewear, don’t fret! These seamless leggings also allow you to do high-movement activities and lounge around.

If you want your gym wear to have a mix of both seamless and standard leggings, check out this collection and feel free to indulge in whatever your heart and body fancy. After all, you can never have too many workout clothes!

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