Workout Outfits Women Can Invest In This Year

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Luxe Activewear for All Your Workout Activities

If your closet is filled with more workout clothes than office or casual clothes, then you probably need to free up more space for the hottest workout outfits and fashion trends this season. Classic pieces such as leggings, sports bras, biker shorts, and tank tops in various styles will surely pique your interest. Whether you are an aspiring yogi, a runner, or a hardcore CrossFit enthusiast, the workout clothes that we are about to showcase will certainly have a space in your closet sooner than later. 

Due to the effects of the pandemic on our daily lives, workout clothes have become a staple of a modern woman’s wardrobe. And it seems that this won’t be changing in the near future anywhere in the future. Activewear has gone beyond its utility during workouts. Athleisure is the perfect example of how workout clothes have evolved in recent years and is now considered a luxury item with the added benefit of versatility. 

Women are having lots of fun with activewear. They have incorporated bold accessories and add-ons into their usual workout clothes to make them look extra fashionable inside and outside the gym. Activewear is now more flexible, in terms of fabric and style selections. Women can now wear heels or even boots with their leggings or tank top and wear them in the club if they wish to.  

It’s not even surprising to see women wearing their favourite sports bra matched with a button-down shirt, making it a casual attire for summer brunch with friends. Even onesies or workout catsuits can be layered with different types of tops, so you can simply roll out of the gym and straight to a party afterwards. 

While workout clothes are slowly becoming foundation pieces for many women due to their simple yet classy aesthetics, many companies are still focused on performance-driven designs. Brands like Kate Galliano are now designing pieces using advanced fabrics, sophisticated colours, and modern silhouettes. Moreover, brands are also taking into consideration additional features such as the use of stretchable fabrics, moisture-wicking materials, and various technologies to enhance the comfort and convenience of its users. 

Here are a few trends that you must check out and hopefully add to your closet:

Bold and Beautiful Matching Set

A bold and beautiful colour-coordinated workout set is perfect for workout and leisure moments. While muted earth tones are still popular, some of the prettiest sets of matching sets come in bold hues or printed designs. Try reds-, purples-, or orange-coloured matching sets to give you that extra spark when working out. Give this ribbed seamless leggings and ribbed sports bra in purple a go the next time you attend a yoga class. It’s not a loud purple hue, but its brightness adds a bit of excitement to your workouts. The fabric is an ultra-flexible material, so you don’t have to worry about it getting worn if you experience weight fluctuations over time. The ribbed design makes it possible for the fabric to conform nicely to your body without wearing the fabric out. Additionally, the ribbed design also delivers support in various parts, ensuring comfort as you go all out during workouts. 

ribbed seamless set purple

Long-Line Bra

Sports bras are indispensable workout staples, not to mention they look good when worn with coordinated leggings or shorts. A stylish sports bra style is the long line bra that is described as a part crop top and part sports bra. This KG Essentials Cropped Sports Tee combined excellent support from a sports bra and coverage from a cropped top or tee. It is made from superior-quality nylon and spandex blend, giving it a silky and smooth feel. This long-line bra top also features an under-boob seam and removable paddings delivering the right amount of comfort and protection, especially when you’re performing insane workout regimens. 

Ribbed Fabric Materials

The hottest material for Luxe Activewear and athleisure items is definitely ribbed fabrics. This is a highly versatile fabric as it is functional and stylish. If you don’t have the time to spare even for a quick change after workouts, ribbed workout clothes are an excellent choice. You can wear a ribbed top with matching leggings or biker shorts or throw an oversized blazer and chunky accessories for a more polished look if you’re going to the mall or on a casual day shopping out with friends. For instance, this ribbed seamless leggings and bra combo in Nude will look just as gorgeous in Pilates class as it is when paired with an oversized white blazer. Top it off with chunky heels and you’ve got the perfect attire for an early dinner or trip to the mall. It is made from a four-way stretchable ribbed fabric that delivers superior support for all types of fitness activities. 

As long as people are still exercising, Luxe Activewear will never run out of style and will continue in its evolution to meet the demands of men and women alike. If you want to check out more chic and workout styles, check out our impressive selection at Kate Galliano. For additional enquiries, do not forget to leave us a message here

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