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Activewear: Our Favourites and Why

It’s undeniable! Women are motivated to exercise and work for a leaner figure when they wear a fresh set of stylish activewear! And with gyms and fitness fully open, there...

It’s undeniable! Women are motivated to exercise and work for a leaner figure when they wear a fresh set of stylish activewear! And with gyms and fitness fully open, there is no perfect time than now to invest in superior quality activewear and athleisurewear.

Style is a major deciding factor when shopping for women’s activewear. Whether you are looking to go back to your local yoga studio or starting to prepare for a marathon, the overall aesthetic is something that all women worry about!

The good news is that more sporting apparel brands such as Kate Galliano have come out with fashionable collections that are sure to make you more excited to move and be the best version of yourself.

Kate Galliano Athleisure Overview

Australian athleisure brand, Kate Galliano is continuously pushing the boundaries, blurring the line between performance activewear and modern styles. On trend and fitness-ready, Kate Galliano offers modern activewear collections that are designed to be sustainable, functional, and fashionable, no matter your preferred physical activity. The company merges clever designs with ultimate comfort. From luxuriously soft fabrics, sophisticated neutral colours and figure-flattering silhouettes, Kate Galliano activewear is perfect for layering and excellent to be worn after you’ve completed your workouts.

Kate Galliano aims to offer premium athleisurewear that looks just as fine around town as they do inside the gym. The brand promotes an active Spotify Promotion and positive lifestyle geared towards versatility, performance, and functionality. Whether you want to look sporty and classy regardless of activity, Kate Galliano has something to offer.

Here, then, are the best activewear pieces from Kate Galliano that are sure to boost your mood, energy, and sense of style! Whether you are a spinning enthusiast, a Crossfit beast, or a Pilates type of woman, you’ll definitely love the clothing pieces that we have included in our list.

KG Lounge Joggers

If you have not parted ways with your uni sweats by now, these cosy KG lounge joggers by Kate Galliano will convince you to donate them or throw them away for good. Not only is the premium cotton blend soft and comfy, but the style ensures the perfect fit that you can wear to run around the block and look charming as usual.

Lilac Joggers Kate Galliano

KG Luxe Cropped Top

This insanely soft and luxurious cropped top is stylish as it is affordable. It pairs well with high-waisted leggings or joggers. It’s the perfect top for jogging and even running errands throughout the day. It’s flexible, so you don’t have to worry about premature wear and tear.

ice blue shorts and leggings sportswear set -Kat Galliano

KG Luxe Hoodie

This baby blue hoodie by KG is the perfect mix of chic meets comfort. The material is a cotton-polyester blend, making it ideal for wild summers and mild winters. You can wear it after an intense Yoga session, as well as living off the mat. It’s the perfect piece to throw on when you need to make a quick run at the supermarket or a relaxing brunch al fresco with friends.

baby blue tracksuit pants and hoodie - Kate Galliano

KG22 Cropped Hoodie

This uber-sexy and cosy hoodie is like wearing a stylish top with added protection from UV rays. If you want to show your well-defined abs or simply want to look cool while strolling at the park, the KG22 Cropped Hoodie should be included in your athleisure wardrobe. The ribbed trim is cut at the right height without looking too revealing. It’s a classic athleisure cut that you can wear in the summer months. Finally, the drawstring hood adds that sporty aesthetic that modern active women all love.

Black Luxe Tracksuit  - Kate Galliano

KG Ribbed Seamless Sports Bra

From your home gym to your home office, you will feel superior comfort and movement wearing this four-way knitted sports bra from Kate Galliano. This top offers the right amount of support for light to moderate exercises. The best part is that it looks cute, so you’ll be sure to look good and comfortable exercising as you do relax after a long day of work and play.

ribbed seamless purple leggings - Kate Galliano Sydney

KD Luxe Bottoms

These luxe bottoms perfectly hug your legs for optimal movement while offering the sculpting power of shapewear. It’s the perfect bottom for activities that require stretchings, such as Yoga and Pilates. The fabrics are breathable, so you don’t have to worry about sweat spots after an intense session. They’re so sexy and comfy that you’ll want to wear them all the time!

Nude and natural activewear set - Kate Galliano

KG Cropped Top

You deserve to look and feel good in the clothing that you wear. This lilac cropped top will give you some good vibes and motivate you to move and get active! This lightweight cropped top will look cool and sexy when worn with high-rise legging or show a bit of that amazing midsection paired with joggers.

Lilac Activewear set- Kate Galliano

If you want to check out more crazy, sexy activewear for your workouts or if you simply want to look and feel good, check out our collections here at Kate Galliano. If you have enquiries reach out to us by sending us a message today!

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