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Guide to Flared Jumpsuits and Wide-Leg Jumpsuits

Are jumpsuits way past their prime? We say otherwise.  Getting all glammed up within a hot minute might seem impossible, but this one-and-done fashion staple prepares you in no time!...

Are jumpsuits way past their prime? We say otherwise. 

Getting all glammed up within a hot minute might seem impossible, but this one-and-done fashion staple prepares you in no time! Jumpsuits have significantly returned in recent years, particularly with the crowd favourites — flared and wide-leg jumpsuit styles. Let’s have a look back at how jumpsuits are making statements from fashion history at its golden 70s peak and into your very own wardrobe in 2024. 

Here’s everything to know about Kate Galliano’s Flared Jumpsuits and Wide-leg Jumpsuits, how to go out in style, and why everyone is on the search for this statement piece right now!

What is a Flared Jumpsuit?

A flared jumpsuit is a one-piece garment covering the whole body from the torso to the legs. It can vary from short-sleeved, long-sleeved, or sleeveless jumpsuits on today’s date. This jumpsuit style is slim-fitting, snug at the waist area with the flared design to the bottom area. The leg opening can go as minimal as a subtle flare to a ludicrously wide, bell-bottom flare style. Belts, pockets, and cut-outs are often included for added style and functionality.

Before gaining recognition in fashion, jumpsuits were originally designed and worn for parachuters in 1919 as a workwear garment with a looser fitting. Workers in various industries primarily adopted this style mainly for practicality. It was fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli’s initiative in the 1930s that sparked the idea of high-fashion jumpsuits and began the evolution of jumpsuits from utility wear to fashion wear. 

Flared jumpsuits gained public attention and designers began their experimentations, but it took more than a decade before it marked its foundation as a fashion statement that was truly embraced by the people — the 1970s. The golden era of jumpsuits in the late 1960s and 1970s began the evolution from basic to creative derivations including daily sportswear, active jumpsuits, leather jumpsuits, and fashionable evening jumpsuits. Global designers such as Oscar de la Renta, Yves Saint Laurent, and Christian Dior have adopted jumpsuits, making their way in high fashion. The music industry also contributed to its popularity. Iconic personas like Cher and Elvis incorporated wide-leg jumpsuits into their signature look on stage which gained international traction from then on.

Wide-leg jumpsuits reached its height of popularity until the early 2000s. Throughout the years, the scope of jumpsuits continued to expand from the use of different materials and fabrics to a comprehensive list of designs altered to various age groups, body shapes, and specific styles. The versatility of flared jumpsuits ignited the lost spark and held its ground to what it is today: a fashion staple in every woman’s wardrobe.

Why Choose a Flared Jumpsuit?

There are several benefits to choosing a flared jumpsuit as your wardrobe option. The flared effect in the bottom creates an elongating effect, making you look taller and your legs longer. It also gives you more movement and comfort due to the wide leg opening. The slim-fitting garment makes your waist look smaller and closer to an hourglass figure while the straight silhouette covers any bulge in the stomach area. It gives you a leaner frame as it helps balance out your proportions for a better upper and lower body ratio. 

Wide-leg jumpsuits made with lightweight, flowy fabrics such as satin and rayon add a more feminine touch and elegance. It is a great alternative to traditional dresses and pantsuits as styles vary with different sleeve lengths and neckline designs. Flared jumpsuits can be dressed down with minimal jewellery for a casual, laid-back look in the daytime. Opt for a lightweight fabric such as linen or cotton in a playful print or vibrant colour. Pair it with sandals or espadrilles and you’re good to go on a quick brunch or even a summer vacation. 

For formal events including weddings, social gatherings, and date nights, dress up your flared jumpsuit with bold accessories and your favourite pair of classic heels. Opt for embellished jumpsuits with luxe fabric like silk and satin for a sleek, elegant look tailor-fitting the intimate atmosphere. The one-and-done look is a time-saver, quickly putting together an outfit suitable for any occasion.

How to Style a Flared Jumpsuit

Pay close attention in styling a flared jumpsuit as it could either make or break the look you’re going for. Consider the designs of jumpsuits nowadays as they vary from bold and colourful patterns to minimalist neutral tones with high necklines, cut-out details and asymmetrical hems that are popular design elements to classic flared jumpsuits. Here are top styling tips and trends to keep in mind:

  • Balance Proportions - Choose a more fitted, cropped, or tucked-in top to pair with your wide-leg jumpsuit for a better upper-body and lower-body ratio. You may add a sleek belt to a more defined waist and create a flattering hourglass figure.  
  • Right footwear - A pair of heels is the ideal choice for a sophisticated look while wearing a wide-leg jumpsuit apart from getting the illusion of longer legs. This balances out the volume of the wide, bell-bottom-shaped opening for a leaner appearance. For a casual look, strappy sandals, ankle boots, or platform espadrilles are suitable footwear too.
  • Accessorise Accordingly - Choose the accessories that would best compliment your flared jumpsuit. A minimalist necklace chain paired with double hoop earrings suits a casual, chic look without overpowering the garment. Pair it with your favourite bold clutch bag and stylish sunglasses and you’re ready to go!
  • Style by Season - Flared jumpsuits can be worn year-round as long as you know how to easily transition from season to season. In warmer months of Spring and Summer, opt for jumpsuits made from breathable fabrics like chiffon, crepe, or linen. Choose a pair of sunglasses you love and an open-toe pair of sandals for a cozy, little-to-no-effort look. As the weather cools in Fall and Winter, opt for wide-leg jumpsuits made from heavier fabrics like velvet, corduroy, or wool blends. Play with layers and pair it with a cozy cardigan, denim jacket, or trench coat, and finish the look with knee-high or ankle boots.

Body Types and Fit

Flared jumpsuits are well-suited for a variety of body types. Although certain body types can benefit more than others, here's a guide on the best body types for flared jumpsuits:

  • Hourglass Shape - Women with an hourglass figure are suitable for a flared jumpsuit that will balance out their proportions while highlighting their curves in all the right places. 
  • Pear Shape - Women with a pear-shaped body can benefit from a flared jumpsuit as it can help draw attention away from the hips and balance out the wider hips and thigh area. This gives an illusion of a leaner lower body and longer legs.
  • Apple Shape - Women with an apple-shaped body or inverted triangle shape are best suited for a flared jumpsuit as it gives a more proportionate look. The wide-leg design draws the attention downward; away from the broader shoulders and adds volume to the lower body giving the illusion of wider hips and longer legs. 

To achieve the most flattering fit, here are tips on getting the most from your flared jumpsuits.

  • Make sure that the jumpsuit properly fits on your waist to define your midsection and create an hourglass shape.
  • Consider the leg length of the jumpsuit. For petite individuals, jumpsuits may need a trim hemmed to the perfect length. For taller individuals, jumpsuits with a longer inseam are more suitable to prevent awkwardly cropped bottoms. 
  • Jumpsuits with a v-neck design, plunging neckline, or open back help create a slimmer lower body and help draw attention upward.
  • Avoid jumpsuits made from stiff, structured fabrics as this may add unnecessary bulk that would make your overall body frame larger than actual. 

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Customer Review

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