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The Must-Have Women's Joggers and Tracksuits for 2023

Joggers and tracksuits–they never go out of style! They are the ideal combinations of comfort and fashion. And with the growing popularity of athleisure wear, there's never been a better...

Joggers and tracksuits–they never go out of style! They are the ideal combinations of comfort and fashion. And with the growing popularity of athleisure wear, there's never been a better time to invest in a good pair. It does not matter if it is for working out, running errands, or just lounging at home. A great pair of joggers can take your comfort game to the next level and pull off that athleisure look. In this article, we'll take a look at the best activewear in Australia for women in 2023.

KG LOUNGE JOGGERS - sage jogger pants - kate galliano activewear

Refresh Your Wardrobe This 2023 With These Joggers and Tracksuits

luxe tracksuit pants - white tracksuit pants - kate galliano - activewear australia

When it comes to fashion and comfort, never dismiss the thought of having joggers and luxe tracksuits in your wardrobe. Especially with the rise of the WFH setting. These pieces can make you look like you got it all figured out together. So keep scrolling and be suitably inspired because we rounded up the best athleisure wear that your wardrobe needs.

KG LOUNGE Joggers – Black

Nothing can beat black for its fashion especially if they are our KG Lounge Black Joggers. Not only do they look great, but they are also incredibly comfortable. What’s not to love about them? They are the perfect combination of comfort and style, making them ideal for both casual and dressy occasions. Pair it up with our KG lounge crop top and off you go!

KG LOUNGE JOGGERS - black jogger pants - kate galliano activewear

KG LOUNGE Joggers – Sage

If you like wearing joggers casually, we feel you! This type of athleisure wear is perfect for running errands and having brunch with friends in sunny weather. Once again combining fashion and comfort. Made with the softest fabric, perfect for your casual everyday look. We love its fitted look, elasticated waistband, and open side pocket for your phone and any small essentials. 

KG LOUNGE Joggers – Cream

Do you want to know what is the best thing about joggers? Their elastic waistband provides a comfortable, secure fit around the waist so you can move freely. KG Lounge Joggers are designed to provide you with the freedom to move especially in physical activity. This comes with a logo above the knee and an elastic waistband to support you in your every move. 

KG LOUNGE Joggers – Tan

Give your wardrobe a taste of fashion by adding this jogger to your collection. This pair is made with a premium cotton blend which provides comfort and flexibility during physical activities like running or jogging. Do not be afraid to take a little stroll in the city when you are wearing a soft breathable fabric. You do not have to worry about getting soaked in your sweat for this has a sweat-wicking feature. All you have to do now is look good and feel good.

KG LOUNGE Joggers – Lilac

So a WFH setting huh? It does not mean you can’t dress up. With this KG Lounge Lilac Joggers, you are going to love working from home even more! Joggers are one of the most practical choices when it comes to lounging around and even brunch with friends. This is an easy-to-put-together outfit. Style it with your favourite shirt or jacket and look good as you always do!

LUXE Tracksuit Pants – Grey

Nothing could ever go wrong when you are wearing a neutral-coloured tracksuit like our KG High-Waisted Tracksuit pants. Embrace its warm fabric—a perfect addition to your autumn/winter capsule wardrobe. This one is chic enough to be worn in or out of the house. It also comes with handy front pockets for your essentials and a relaxed fit to give you maximum comfort. Stay warm in style!

LUXE Tracksuit Pants – Sage

You will never have to sacrifice style for comfort when you can have it both with our collection of Luxe Tracksuits. You will love every beat of you wearing this because of its soft lining and elasticated cuffs and waist. And if you want to make a fashion statement, pair it up with our matching hoodie. 

LUXE TRACKSUIT PANTS - sage tracksuit pants - kate galliano - activewear

LUXE Tracksuit Pants – Black

Do you want to look effortlessly cool? You definitely can when you have this on with you! This is made for comfort, with soft and breathable materials to give you a full range of motion during physical activity. It also comes with a minimalistic logo on the front and is made with a premium cotton/polyester blend. This makes our tracksuits ideal for outdoor activities such as jogging or hiking in the fall and winter.

LUXE Tracksuit Pants – Coffee

Are you still looking for a pair of relaxed pants to wear on errands or during downtime? Well, look no further! Our KG LUXE Tracksuit Pants are crafted from a soft, lightweight fabric that feels cosy and keeps you warm. The tapered fit and elasticated waistband make them the ideal choice for a relaxed fit. They feature a subtle sheen that adds a touch of luxury to your look. Whether you‘re lounging at home or stepping out, these tracksuit pants are a great way to stay warm in style.

LUXE TRACKSUIT PANTS - brown tracksuit pants with hoodie - kate galliano activewear

LUXE Tracksuit Pants – Baby Blue

Show your wardrobe a little love by adding these tracksuit pants to your collection. Designed for chilly days so you never have to worry about your look when winter comes. Luxe tracksuits are a practical and stylish choice for a range of activities, from athletic pursuits to casual wear. Pair this up with your favourite matching hoodie and make a fashion statement! 

Final Thought

Joggers and trackies are a versatile and comfortable addition to any wardrobe. And there are plenty of great options to choose from this 2023. Whether you prefer a classic look or something modern— there's a pair out there that will suit your style and needs.

So don't hesitate to invest in a great pair of joggers or trackies today! Kate Galliano has created stylish and comfortable athleisure wear just for you.

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